Escape from the Crazy Place began in 1983 as an entertaining diversion from mind-numbing German lessons. I wrote in an old brown hardcover 1978 diary with a lot of pages torn out. The book was a minor sensation in the school; it inspired several imitations and I was plagued by requests from fellow students wanting to read it. Sometimes I would lend it to someone and find on its return that several new passages had been added, and occasionally existing passages acquired illustrations. It was one such contributor, Simon Birch, who drew the definitive illustrations of both Donald and The Boss, but who also succeeded in losing the original manuscript in 1985. I rewrote the book from memory and added four sequels, beginning with Return to the Crazy Place. The number of contributors grew also and by the beginning of the 90's I counted at least thirty, including one whose identity remains a mystery. Most of these contributions survive in one form or another, and the book as it exists today is an amalgam of the best parts of all five episodes. It is no masterpiece; some parts still read as though they were written by a thirteen year old, but inconsistency is part of the style. This internet version is the result of an attempt to finally put the project behind me and move on. A list of those who have aided and abetted me on this fourteen year odyssey can be found at the foot of this page, but special thanks should go to my brother Dan, my sister Sophie, Laurence Etheridge and my stateside co-conspirator Karen Sandler, without whose support and inspiration this digital edition would never have seen the light.

Jason Guest, June 2006

I would like to thank the following people, without whose contributions, suggestions and enthusiasm Escape From The Crazy Place would not have been possible:

D. & S. Guest, L. Etheridge, D. Mounfield, S. Birch, G. Rushin, M. Lloyd, T. Dalby, J. Caddick, V. Black, S. Harrison, P. Massey, C. Gamble, M. Oswin, F. Sarwar, N. Wragg, G. Turner, The Unknown Contributor, J. Bolet, R. Superfine, J. Infeld, D. Griffiths, D. G. Hughes, M. Bailey and K. M. Sandler.

After a brief introduction, you will be asked to determine the protagonist's next course of action. This is done by choosing one of several options from a list - just type the number or letter corresponding to your choice and press enter. After making your choice, the plot branches out and unfolds, leading to more decisions and eventually multiple possible endings. In addition there are a few simple commands for controlling the game itself. These are:

  • SAVE saves a snapshot of the game as it is now. (Not available online.)
  • RESTORE puts the game back to a previous saved state. (Not available online.)
  • RESTART puts the game back to the way it was at the beginning.
  • QUIT ends the game.

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